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Henry Harris


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Alabama Public Radio Commentary

Alabama Public Radio aired a poignant commentary today on the life and sacrifice of Henry Harris — and how he has been forgotten in his home state of Alabama. Written by program director Brittany Young and with audio by Dr. Robin Boylorn, the commentary concludes that...

Henry Harris: Captain America

In the foreboding dark days when the Nazis were rolling through Europe and the Japanese were building ships of war and slaughtering neighbors, a hero arose from the thin pages of an American comic book. He came to slay evil, to vanquish villains. It was 1941, and he...

It’s Now The ‘Perry Wallace Way’

Vanderbilt and the city of Nashville have renamed a seven-block section of 25th Avenue South “Perry Wallace Way” in honor of the first black basketball player in the SEC. Ironically, but appropriately, Wallace wore number 25 at Vanderbilt, which retired his number in...

Harris’s Farewell Earns an Ovation

Here are excerpts from Chapter 27 of Remember Henry Harris, describing Harris’s final home game at Auburn on February 26, 1972. Pages 197-200 With 1:18 left to play, Harris fouled out with ten points, three rebounds, and four assists. Unselfish to the end, he had...


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