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Collis Temple and Integration at LSU

On the eve of tomorrow’s SEC showdown between first-place LSU and second-place Auburn, here’s a Black History Month lookback at the integration of LSU basketball by Collis Temple—through excerpts from Remember Henry Harris: Page 108 [1969] At LSU, three years had...

‘Watch for Harris:’ Freshman Scores 43 at Kentucky

Fifty-one years ago today—February 3, 1969—Auburn freshman Henry Harris scored 43 points at Lexington, Kentucky, against a freshman team made up of Kentucky players who would win three straight SEC titles from 1970-72. “Watch for...

SEC Integration Timeline

The integration of the Southeastern Conference stretched over more than six long years, beginning with Kentucky signing Nate Northington to a football scholarship in December 1965. Below are the initial black players on basketball and football scholarships at each of...

Black Teen Suicide Attempts Up 73%

Suicide attempts among black children and teenagers have increased by 73 percent since 1991, according to a new study based on responses from 200,000 American high school students and published this month in the Journal of Pediatrics. Suicide remains the second...


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